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Driven by the principle that many souls are connected through one spirit, “Shine On Me Tonight!: A Musical Excursion,” will lift its audience up into the higher language of our musical heritage. In a concert setting, we bring together different communities through the International influences of Classical, Soul, Rock, Musical Theater, and more!


Gregg de Castro is a renowned singer, song-writer, and teacher who studied under Seth Riggs, the creator of famed vocal technique SLS. Through Seth, Gregg was able to study alongside artists such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and many more grammy award winners! While perfecting his singing techniques, he continued to create life-changing experiences for himself through traveling internationally and immersing himself in diverse communities; ultimately using these experiences as inspiration for his music. Eventually, a need for the One Spirit Many Souls event series arose, out of the deep impulse to share these experiences and bring communities together through his songs.


Of those communities, Shine On Me Tonight will be featuring his immensely talented students, with abilities ranging from voice to guitar to keyboard training. The students will perform alongside Gregg, as well as his professional musicians, to take it’s audience on a true musical excursion.




Alodie Ayres

Mikey Backpack

Vanessa Calderon

Dee Dee Culp

Vince Ferragamo

Van Fine

Grace Hebert

Matthew Krumlauf

Rocky Kuner


Steven Lindenfelser

Ann McCarthy

Caitlyn Murphey

Anna Potts

Dorje Pradhan

Lily Ritchie

Maya Tschappat

Adam Vargas



Mike Cravens

Gregg de Castro

John Gannon

Tracy Dragoo

Dave Miller

Mike Regen

Dino Tellone

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